After trimming the first 100 lbs without help, Hemp Temps came in and turned two days of trimming into one and allowed other important work around the grow to get done on time. Their workers are knowledgeable and efficient and don’t leave until the task at hand is completed. Hemp Temps has a deep pool of talent from which to provide quality workers. Scheduling is a breeze and the job always gets finished.


Denver Facility Owner
I have nothing but amazing things to say about Hemp Temps as a company. The service is always high quality and consistent. We love how friendly each individual person is coming in to our building, they have much respect and their work ethic is great. It’s awesome working with the staff of Hemp Temps. They make my life a lot easier, when I need something it’s done. Nick MacShane is always a pleasure to work with. Always very easy to deal with, he truly cares about each of his accounts. I appreciate him and the whole company a great amount.


Denver Production Manager
Our facility was constructed for weekly harvests therefore excess product is sometimes needed to be hand-dry-trimmed in order so we don’t jeopardize the quality of our product. This is when we reached out to Hemp Temps, one of the only trim crews of its kind to fulfill our needs. Immediately, the Senior Account Manager, Nick Macshane scheduled a trim team and had them out the very next day when we needed them. The ease of scheduling and response time every time we reach out to schedule through Nick, have been impeccable. With the quick response and quality trim crews the first week we used them, we knew we could count on them to use them again in the future. Hemp Temps crews are very consistent and don’t require constant supervision with care for the product and finishing in a timely matter. Thank You,


Trim Manager
Working with Hemp Temps has been a great experience for myself here. We have had great success with valuable team members that you guys have sent us, and we look forward to continued business with you guys into the future. As my point of contact Nick has been extremely helpful, and more importantly available in getting us the employees we need including once coming in himself to lend a hand. He drops in regularly to see us which is a quality many account representatives lack with other companies we do business with. Thank you in advance, and again we look forward to a continued relationship with Hemp Temps.


Garden METRC Specialist
I moved to Colorado, like so many people, to get into the cannabis industry. And like so many people I quickly realized that without the opportunity to network ahead of time or without prior commercial cannabis industry experience getting a foot in the door was going to be extremely difficult. That is where Hemp Temps came it. Through awesome supervisors, office staff and owners I quickly learned trimming techniques, harvest operations and even parts of growhouse operations. I got a chance to see how facilities operated from Pueblo all the way up to Boulder. I worked hard to do my best which was noticed and rewarded with a supervisor position…another great learning and growing opportunity. Working with HT really gave me the foot in the door that I needed to achieve the goals I was trying to achieve. After about a year of working with them I got hired on as a grow tech at an amazing grow. Now in my current job my responsibilities include ordering temps. Dealing with Nick, one of the Territory Managers at HT, has been a pleasure. Despite the occasional unpredictability of working with live plants as well as some human error Nick and the office staff have been very helpful and understanding with last minute ordering changes and individual temp requests. Without HT the grow would not run as smoothly as it does. Having worked beside other trimming companies I would, without a doubt, recommend Hemp Temps to any grow needing a temp staff.


Boulder Production Manager